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F U N = Finding Ur Nostalgia!

So I started today with a plan to write something a whole lot different to this post.

I'm one of those incessantly annoying people that can rarely stick to the plan and easily drifts off in to something TOTALLY different and unrelated.

This, of course, is exactly what I've done this morning. The usual PROCRASTINATION and SHILLY-SHALLYING! (that's actually a word! Shilly-shally.....I like that a lot!) which led me in to a cupboard! Like you do on a Sunday morning!

I do like a good rummage through a cupboard once in a while!

Even though I've read Marie Kondos 'The life changing magic of tidying up', there's still far too much junk and crap in 'said' cupboard. So after standing hands on hips for a few moments, sighing at the mess, there it was....the dusty A2 art portfolio that I guess I've subconsciously looked at no end of times but have never really 'seen'......if you get what I mean. You know how it is. Crap just sits there and blends into the walls! You get to that point where you just don't see it anymore even though it's clearly there. The wall is white, the portfolio is black! Go figure that one out!

Now it practically jumped out and poked me in the eye. What actually is in there???!!!

Curiosity prevailed!

And I found.......

9 small attempts at fashion drawings that I did in college in 1998!!! The only things in that big old portfolio!

I remember doing them SO well. I was 20 and doing my Art Foundation course. I chose to specialise in Fashion & Textile Design. We had to design an outfit, make it and then model it in our own show. I can even tell you that the music I walked the catwalk to was THE VERVE, Bitter Sweet Symphony.

In a matter of seconds I'd gone back in time 20 years. College was one of my happiest times. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

I even remember that 'The Mezz' cafeteria coffee machine did surprisingly good cappuccinos! Yum

Time makes you forget those little golden moments that help to define who you are now.

Those precious short few years that I could live and breathe art 24 hours a day before 'real' life took over.

It sounds so cringworthingly cheesy (another made up word again?!) but I did...and I loved EVERY minute.

I remember sitting at the dining room table with my mums sewing machine until the early hours of the morning doing final pieces, writing essays....sweating the small stuff! But it was FUN.

So here they are. My 9 Golden Girl memories. Probably looking a little tired and dated now but they really are a treasure to find again. Unfortunately, I no longer have my jacket that I made, but these little babies are here to stay.

And the best thing....


YET ANOTHER challenge to add to the to do list! (this may get out of hand)

To have another go at figure drawing and fashion illustration drawings. I may completely suck at it now, (I was probably never really any good then!) but it will be FUN to try and that's what it's about. Enjoying the now. Having some FUN.

I know they say 'never look back', but sometimes if you don't, you may miss out.

What can you look back at that makes you smile and motivates you to keep pushing forwards? It would be nice to know.

FUN = F finding U ur N nostalgia!

Right......i'm off to watch The Verve on YouTube and awkwardly 'strut, pause and jut' along my landing!

Sarah x

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