Mixing your interests

What if you could mix your interests?

I guess it's not always going to work for everything (say if you love car mechanics and cooking or skydiving and crochet!).....but luckily for me it does! (big YAY)

There are two things that I LUURRVV more than anything (family excluded obvs!)

ART (you'd never guess)

and old VINTAGE photographs and ephemera.

Anything that's old, crumpled, tea stained and falling apart gets my attention EVERY time. I don't know what it is, but shove me in to a thrift shop or antiques centre and I'm all over it!

I have STACKS of old photographs, postcards, greetings cards, envelopes, letters, bills, receipts, newspapers and maps. My best Christmas present last year was a wodge of old postcards from Ebay. Yep....i'm OBSESSED.

They are FULL of mystery.

Who are these people?

Where are they from?

How did they live?

How did their photographs get to be in the place that I found them?

It's so sad that they didn't stay within their family.....so they come home with me!...

....and i turn them into art.

I create new little stories for them. Give them names. Put them in places that I think fit.

If I'm lucky then I might find a name on the back. A year the photograph was taken. A post mark. The best bit is reading the lovely messages on the reverse side of postcards and in the greetings cards.

They get an identity back and it's fun to give them new life.

So today I'll show you my surfer dudes.

They came in a bundle of photos from a charity shop. I don't know who they are, what country they are from or when the photo was taken. 1950's or 1960's perhaps? What do you think? Father and son?

I have a collection of sea bird cigarette cards so I thought they'd pair quite well. Throw in a sample of my home inked paper, a HMS Queen Elizabeth stamp, US Air Mail stamp and a surf board cut from some funky paper and they are good to go! The fun bit was stitching the Hawaiian Hibiscus flowers over the top to tie it all together. My dudes are reinvented and up on the wall to be remembered again.

Always to stay a bit of a mystery but still creating a talking point none the less.

It's weird because sometimes they almost tell me what to do with them. Take a natural course. If I get stuck then I just put them away for a while and eventually inspiration strikes again.

I've side tracked lately to working without any ephemera as I wanted to concentrate more on my drawing, but I'm missing it now so you should be seeing more over my social media very soon!

Can you mix your interests? I hope you can. It makes them twice the fun!

Sarah x