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Mixed Media Artist

Hi, I'm Sarah


Here's something about me.....

I am a Mixed Media Artist with a love for colour!
I’m inspired by Graffiti, Old Fairgrounds, defaced peeling walls, tattoo art and everything vintage!
If it’s half destroyed, I love it.
I create on impulse and go with my heart and flow letting my work naturally progress to its own conclusion.
An amalgamation of modern colour and old finds are twisted together with my signature hand stitched detail and sequined embellishments. These add extra dimension and depth to my work creating a lovely tactile quality which also changes in the light.
Instinctive, freestyle mark making, and colour mixing traps fleeting pockets of history and forgotten memories in a playful and modern style.
I see the world as a huge open book waiting to be read. We ALL have our own unique page to write. This happens to be my page and I feel that we must also recycle and celebrate those pages that have already been read.

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